About Us

We are LGBT+ friendly, Black Women Owned, Virginia natives providing customers with the highest quality cannabis products. Our core values are customer service, customer care, hospitality, high-quality standards, and integrity.

Our vision is to help individuals use holistic healing. Unlike other forms of medicine that focus only on the body, holistic medicine, seeks to address the underlying causes of illnesses by attending to the mind and soul. We want to help people with lupus, sickle cell, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other ailments. People should be able to have the best care without having to spend a lot of money.

With us you can experience shopping without leaving your home. We are thinking of the folks who must take medical marijuana and can't physically leave their house. We want these people to have the same experience as someone in our upcoming store.

Our Story

In 2021, the co-founders collaborated with a fellow business expert and realized that by combining their shared industry knowledge, they could make a great impact on the lives of individuals in Virginia. They quickly gathered an impressive team of experts to create Den of the Divyne, with the ambition to be a leading multi-state owner and operator of cannabis licenses.



They are amazing as always. You are truly the best in the business.


The brownies are great, breaking them into 4 pieces was the perfect amount!


Not bad at all. The brownies are great.


The last batch was great. I'll definitely be back for more.